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Car guys and gals are always looking for interesting places to visit that revolve around our hobby.  We’ve been to frame shops, metal finishers, hot rod builders, suppliers, you name it we’ve probably been to someone’s shop that deals in an automotive specialty that is involved with our hobby.

We are always looking for some place to visit, if you know of a shop that would be cool to take a tour of we would be interested in trying to set something up.  If so, contact Terry Tippett, Kevin Dearth, or Mike Burton and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Some of the fine businesses we have visited locally include:

Speed Metal—Sunbury, Ohio

Metal Brite & Hi Tech Rod—Dayton, Ohio

JAX WAX—Columbus, Ohio

Floyd’s Hot Rods—Groveport, Ohio

Babbitt Bearing Company—Columbus, Ohio

Street Werkz—Columbus, Ohio

ARK Hotrods—Worthington, Ohio

Over the past year we also visited the private garage facilities of some of our members. These facilities are simply amazing to see, our members have really put together some really nice “man-caves” to further our hobby.  Anyone who missed any of these really didn’t do themselves justice.  Oh, did I mention that we also had a cookout at each of these gracious members homes.  Good food, cars we love, and associating with people who like the same things each of us does can’t be beat.

UFO members visit local shops involved in various aspects of our hobby including metal finishing, hot rod building, frame work and many other types of local shops. We have also visited members’ garages, it is amazing what our members have done and these visits have always turned into a great time for all.