DEFINITION: An Autocross is any event in which a single vehicle is timed through a clearly defined course.  Elapsed time is measured with the goal being — Best Time. Penalties are given for course deviations. Time and penalties are the determining factors for awards. An Autocross event is a driving contest where skill is emphasized over speed. They are run on paved courses and competition licenses are not required. Hazards to spectators, participants, and property should not exceed those encountered in normal, legal highway driving.

IN REAL LIFE: Autocrossing is the most fun you can legally have with your car without spending thousands of dollars on performance accessories and without a long term commitment of time, effort, and money. It’s just great fun.

CAR CLASSIFICATIONS: Each vehicle is matched with other vehicles that are as close as possible in performance and handling. There are many different classes from pure stock to full race, from econo to pickups. Most of the vehicles that participate are daily drivers or ‘weekend’ cars.

THE COURSE: A large paved area is all that is needed.  Most Autocrosses are run in parking lots or on local speedways. The course is marked by orange safety cones. Some of the obstacles are SLALOMS — a line of cones that the driver must zig zag through. GATES are pairs of cones that the driver must go between,  Participants run one at a time, so there is no chance for contact with other vehicles.  A driver can have the satisfaction of bettering their own time, or competing with other drivers.  Elapsed time is computed by passing through a STARTING GATE, which begins a timer, completing the course and passing through the gate again to stop the clock.


-Vehicle must pass safety inspection

-Hubcaps, trim rings, and centercaps must be removed

-Any vehicle may be refused for failing inspection

-Vehicle must have a closed exhaust, no open pipes

-Seat belt use mandatory

-Participants must sign waiver

-Helmet use mandatory

-Batteries must be secured

-No loose items anywhere

-Absolutely no alcohol

The United Ford Owners reserves the right to refuse any driver or vehicle

Autocrosses are held at the Circleville Raceway Park, 19413 US Route 23 in Circleville, Ohio.  Arrive at 8:00 AM to sign up and compete, tech inspections at 8:00 AM-9:00 AM and drivers meeting at 9:00 AM, first car off at 9:30 AM. Cost to compete is $35, UFO Members get a discount. You must wear a helmet [we have loaners] and seat belts plus have a current drivers license, and a four wheeled vehicle with no open exhaust [due to local ordinance]. Check out the Flyer for details and location!

All makes and models welcome! First time autocrossers welcome! Just come on out, watch or compete, and have some FUN!

For a behind-the-wheel look at what its like to participate in a UFO Autocross, UFO Member Brian Richards has posted a video of his wife Lori autocrossing at a UFO event. Click on the link below to view. ENJOY!

Lori Richards video